Advisory Board

The IROHLA project set up an Advisory Board (AB) of renowned experts in the field of healthy ageing and (health) literacy. The AB monitors the ethical aspects which may arise during the lifecourse of the project, data protection issues and provides the consortium with feedback and scientific advices. It consists of experts from the scientific field and also from the commercial business sector and social fields:

  • Professor Don Nutbeam, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Southampton, UK
  • Dr. Fiorella Marcellini, Retired director of INRCA (Italian National Institute on Aging), Italy
  • Bozidar Voljc, M.D., PhD, Retired Head of Health Gerontology, Anton Trstenjak Institute for Gerontology and Intergenerational Relations, Slovenia
  • Professor Ria Reis, Professor of medical anthropology, University of Leiden, Netherlands
  • Alexander Rödiger, Director of European Union Affairs of MSD (Europe) Inc., Belgium 



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