Learning from other sectors

Other sectors like the social sector, the economic and financial sector have also recognised the importance of “literacy”, leading to the participation of senior citizens in society, including persons with basic skills. Those sectors have developed relevant tools and instruments. Learning from other sectors on how low literacy issues were tackled, will give new directions towards innovative solutions in the health sector. 

Tackling health literacy has its ramifications in medical sciences, health science, psychology, neurology, sociology, communication sciences, marketing and business sciences, education sciences, computer sciences, etc. As the health literacy concept is based upon multidisciplinary theories, this project will focus on a series of entry points to address relevant issues at individual level. Experiences from different countries in e.g. health, mental health or social services for ageing migrants, for minority groups, for illiterate people will create an adequate body of knowledge.

IROHLA may also produce results, which may be used in other sectors. Health literacy activities fit within the context of social innovation offering opportunities for public private partnerships and new types of collaborations.

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