Aims and Objectives

The main objective of IROHLA is to introduce in European Member States evidence-based guidelines for policy and practice for a comprehensive approach improving health literacy of the ageing population. 

The project: 

  • Contributed to the understanding of health literacy in different European contexts and develop a comprehensive model for addressing health literacy needs in older adults in various settings (WP2)
  • Developed a manual for assessment of quality and feasibility of health literacy interventions and activities in the ageing population (WP3)
  • Is assessing the quality and feasibility of interventions or practices in the ageing population, which will contribute to improve health literacy:
    1.  the health care sector: assess good practices addressing the needs of the target group both empowering and health literacy communication in practice and in training (WP4)
    2. the commercial/private sector: assess good practices which aim at empowerment and enhanced communication with the ageing population (WP5)
    3. the social sector: good practices for improved accessibility to and utilisation of services by older people with low literacy levels (WP6)
  • Will select from the long list of interventions a set of maximum 20 interventions which together constitute a comprehensive approach of addressing health literacy needs of the ageing population (WP7)
  • Will develop an evidence-based guideline for policy and practice for EU member states and regions:
    1. validate and if necessary adjust selected evidence-based interventions, aiming to improve the capacity of the ageing population in obtaining, processing and understanding of information in the health care sector, as well as health literacy communication interventions in the health sector.
    2. Present a guideline for policy and practice at national, regional and local level, which shows policymakers the specific and important measures they can take, and implement practical interventions to initiate. (WP8)
  • Actively disseminates the results through media and information channels, in collaboration with partners, to create awareness amongst stakeholders and to promote adoption and implementation of guidelines for policy and practice. The project provides information to relevant stakeholders in the area of healthy ageing to integrate the research findings in European programmes in various contexts. (WP9)
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